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The first two questions (Name and Email Address) are critical so we know who you are and where to send the results to.

Questions 3-7 are questions which will enable you to compare your results with people who are like you.Then it's straight onto the Lifestyle Health Check.

Our suggestion in answering the questions is that you don't think too much and go with your first thought. Over-analysing the questions will distort your results. Trying to work out the 'right' answer is not the way to get an honest appraisal of your life (who are you kidding anyway?).

Please answer all questions. It is natural that you will be unsure about some questions or will want to answer 'some of the time'. You'll need to choose 'yes' or 'no' to receive a valid score.

Based upon previous requests we have added a box for 'Comments and Feedback' so you can let us know about your experience in completing the Lifestyle Health Check. This may include an overall comment (eg. challenging questions, thought provoking, etc) or specific questions (eg. Question #XX is not clear to me).

Enjoy the questions!

1 Name

2 What is the Email Address we will send your results to?

Please check that your Email Address is correct, if it is not we will not be able to forward your results.

3 Sex

4 Which Age Group do you belong to?

5 In which Country do you live?

6 What is the highest level of education you have completed?
Did not complete High School
Completed High School
Post-High School Education
Completed Undergraduate Degree
Completed Graduate Degree

7 What is your Occupation?

Now it's time for the Lifestyle Health Check…

Simply tick the button 'Yes' or 'No' that best suits your response to the question.

1 Am I a creative person?
2 Do I connect easily with others?
3 Do I hide my feelings with others?
4 Am I fit?
5 Am I always trying to fix myself?
6 Do I make friends and maintain friendships easily?
7 Do I always have to be the leader?
8 Am I always buying new things?
9 Do I perform at my best regularly?
10 Am I disappointed in my cultural heritage?
11 Am I a rebel?
12 Am I pursuing my own goals?
13 Do I express my love for others?
14 Do I want a stronger connection with god?
15 Am I overwhelmed by new technology?
16 Am I happy with my life just the way it is?
17 Am I coasting through life?
18 Is my life boring?
19 Do I hold my posture in a weak manner?
20 Are the conversations I have with my friends stimulating?
21 Am I an active participant in groups, teams & organizations?
22 Am I interested in doing the 'right' thing most of the time?
23 Should I be contributing more to my community?
24 Do other people know what my goals are?
25 Am I driven to improve myself?
26 Am I driven to produce results?

Well done! That's 20% of the questions completed!

27 Do I support the people around me?
28 Am I always keeping something in reserve?
29 Am I focussed on doing what is expected of me?
30 Is my life an adventure?
31 Is politics a waste of time?
32 Do I spend enough time thinking about my future?
33 Do I often feel alone in groups, teams or organizations?
34 Am I happy with who I am right now?
35 Do my friendships only last a short time?
36 Do most of my clothes look good on me?
37 Am I often late for appointments?
38 Do I want to be more creative?
39 Am I open to learning new things?
40 Do I spend too much time thinking about the direction of my life?
41 Am I proud of my ethnic background?
42 Am I proud of who I am?
43 Do I find it difficult to access the things I need to fulfil my projects?
44 Am I pursuing my passions in life?
45 Am I respected for who I am?
46 Am I satisfied with my contribution to the community?
47 Am I often bored when talking with others?
48 Am I satisfied with my purpose in life?
49 Am I satisfied with what I contribute to the world?
50 Do I avoid things I cannot do?
51 Does it take a lot to upset me?
52 Am I saving for something right now?

Keep going! That's 40% of the questions completed!

53 Do I use clothes to disguise my figure?
54 Am I too independent?
55 Am I well regarded by others?
56 Do I avoid leadership roles?
57 Do I spend enough time playing?
58 Am I happy with what I am building for future generations?
59 Do I act on what I know I need to do?
60 Am I spending too much time with other people?
61 Do I avoid working in teams?
62 Do I belong to three or more groups, teams or organizations?
63 Do I carry my body in a powerful manner?
64 Do I often wonder why I bother?
65 Am I getting the most out of my capabilities?
66 Do I deliver on my promises most of the time?
67 Do I enjoy life?
68 Do I feel pressure from others to change?
69 Am I happy with my contribution to the ecology of the planet?
70 Do I get a buzz out of stepping into unfamiliar territory?
71 Do I receive regular invitations from other people?
72 Do I place too much value on other people's opinions?
73 Do I have enough close friends?
74 Do I have enough energy?
75 Do I know enough about my family heritage?
76 Do I often hold a contrary view to that of the group?
77 Do I let other people know when I feel let down by them?
78 Do I spend too much time on my own?

You're over half way! That's 60% of the questions completed!Remember, don't think too much about each question, go with your first response.

79 Am I always waiting on my next paycheck?
80 Do I let others care for me?
81 Do I enjoy how I earn my money?
82 Do I lose concentration easily?
83 Do I have a lot to offer?
84 Am I satisfied with my health?
85 Do I regularly avoid asking other people to do things for me?
86 Do I play safe too often?
87 Do I like to experience different cultural practices?
88 Am I earning enough money right now?
89 Do I spend too little time in nature?
90 Am I good at following the instructions of other people?
91 Do I spend too much time thinking about the past?
92 Do I stick at things until they are completed?
93 Do I take care of others before myself?
94 Do I use technology effectively to achieve my goals?
95 Do I enjoy working with other people?
96 Do I work too much?
97 Do I often feel tired?
98 Am I happy with the rewards I receive for my efforts?
99 Do other people always have better ideas than me?
100 Am I often suspicious of other people's intentions?
101 Do other people share their personal thoughts with me?
102 Am I happy to entertain myself?
103 Does my ethnic background hinder me in life?
104 Does the community owe me anything?

Almost done! That's 80% of the questions completed!

105 Do I often say things to be liked by other people?
106 Am I comfortable with the thought that one day I will die?
107 Do I get stopped in life easily?
108 Am I confident in my own abilities?
109 Would I like to have a bigger say in political decisions?
110 Do I avoid taking on a challenge?
111 Do I feel loved?
112 Do I often feel unwell?
113 Do my current religious beliefs work for me?
114 Do I rely on other people or things to entertain me?
115 Do I say 'yes' when I really want to say 'no'?
116 Do I share my ideas with other people?
117 Am I waiting for someone else to tell me what to do with my life?
118 Is enough being done about environmental issues?
119 Do other people regularly ask me to help them?
120 Do I merely go along for the ride in groups, teams & organizations?
121 Can I motivate myself easily?
122 Do I always know the answer?
123 Do I know enough people?
124 Do I have too many regrets?
125 Is life hard work?
126 Am I usually excited about the future?
127 Am I happy with my weight?
128 Do I deserve better?
129 Am I able to easily align my viewpoint with groups?
130 Do I fail to achieve my goals most of the time?

Well done! You've completed the essential questions!

Comments and Feedback

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