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How long does it take?
Which Areas of Life are Covered?
What are the Key Issues covered?
How Is This Questionnaire Different?
Who Should Complete the Lifestyle Health Check?
For Partners - Special Interest
Business People - Special Interest
• Employees - Special Interest
• Coaches - Special Interest
Who Should NOT Complete the Lifestyle Health Check?
Why is the Healthy Lifestyle Check FREE?
How often should I take a checkup?
Who will see my results?
What sort of results will I get?
When do I get my results?
What should I do with my results
Should I share my results?
What other issues are covered?
Why 130 questions?
What if I can’t spare 15 minutes?
Is it really is FREE?
What are you waiting for?

How much does it cost?

The Lifestyle Health Check is a free tool to assess the quality of your lifestyle.

How Long does it take?

The Check consists of 130 questions, takes about 15 minutes to complete and you receive a concise assessment with suggested actions to improve your levels of life satisfaction.

Which Areas of Life are Covered?

The Lifestyle Health Check covers all areas of your life including money, relationships, career, work, spirituality, dignity, emotional responses, friendships, family, world issues and your health and wellbeing.

What are the Key Issues covered?

A FEW of the Key Issues We Cover include:
• Are the conversations I have with my friends stimulating?
• Am I an active participant in groups, teams and organizations?
• Am I interested in doing the ‘right’ thing most of the time?
• Do other people know what my goals in life are?
• Am I driven to improve myself?
• Am I driven to produce results?
• Am I always keeping something in reserve?

Take your FREE Healthy Lifestyle Check now!

How Is This Questionnaire Different?

One young person who completed the questionnaire has a mental illness. In managing this condition she has completed lots and lots of psychological profiling tests. She says she is sick of them and even knows how to fool them some of the time. After being initially sceptical about the Healthy Lifestyle Check, she soon realized that this questionnaire was different.

She said, "The questionnaire wasn’t trying to put me into categories. I’m sick of doctors putting me in boxes. This was different, it was simply reviewing where I was at in my life on that day. That was refreshing and I could see there were some simple things to do that could make my life better."

Take the Lifestyle Health Check NOW!Who Should Complete the Lifestyle Health Check?

Anyone who is interested in having a great lifestyle. You go to your doctor to check your health so that you can remain healthy. The Lifestyle Health Check is your way to check your lifestyle so you can have a great one.

85% of people who have completed the Healthy Lifestyle Check have confirmed that it was not only an accurate reflection of their lives, it also offered considerable insight into how to change their lives for the better.

People who have completed the Lifestyle Health Check have come from various backgrounds ranging from the unemployed to lawyers, students to small business owners. Their ages have ranged from teenagers to grandparents and their interests from painting to volunteering on community projects.

Partners - Special Interest

If you are married or in a loving partnership by completing the Lifestyle Health Check you can discover how you can support each other more effectively. Which area of your partner’s life are they not satisifed with?

We all have our opinions about what other people should be doing, but does this really work? The Lifestyle Health Check offers you both an independent viewpoint and a valuable viewpoint to enhance your conversations and your relationship.

Imagine the difference in your relationship if you were both working to enhance each others quality of life...

Business People - Special Interest

People running their own business are notorious for working long hours. Is this you? Is your work/life balance off the scales?

In my experience, the Lifestyle Health Check may also expose the things that are holding back your business from being the success you want it to be.

Imagine that, you could be producing better results and be more satisfied at the same time...

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Employees - Special Interest

Are you getting along with your fellow work colleagues? Are you wondering why you haven’t received that promotion you deserve? Are you in the job of your dreams or merely filling up a cubicle to steal a paycheck?

Remember the first couple of days at your current job? You were probably all excited about what the future held. What happened?

The Lifestyle Health Check may provide you with the answers you need to recharge your job into a flourishing career. Best of all, you might not need to leave your current employer to achieve this!

Coaches - Special Interest

From my experience as a coach, it always took a few sessions to really get into the nitty gritty of what was truly going on for the client. Now that I use the Lifestyle Health Check I can get a quick overview of the person's life as well as speciific information on real life issues. I can now start to assist them with them with their areas of concern straight away.

If you would like to enhance the value you offer your clients, consider the Lifestyle Health Check as an essential tool in your service. It provides an overview of their life as well as highlighting specific issues.This can be used to jumpstart your coaching conversations.

You can also use it as a before and after assessment tool to measure the difference you have made. This can have such a huge impact in marketing your service and attracting new clients. You may simply choose to direct your client to our site (we won’t even know if they are a coaching client so there is no chance that we or anyone else will poach your client).

Alternatively, you can collect the results and submit it so we can send the results directly back to you.

Who Should NOT Complete the Lifestyle Health Check?

If you are not interested in your health and wellbeing or would rather avoid dealing with it, plase do not take the Lifestyle Health Check.

Take your FREE Healthy Lifestyle Check right now!

Why is the Healthy Lifestyle Check FREE?

There are so many things on the internet that are free and so many of them are a complete and utter waste of your time. I like to think this is not one of them. My business colleagues all said I should be charging at least $100 for this service - that's about the price for a one-hour consultation with a coach.

They think I'm mad! Well, maybe I am mad. I also want to make a difference to people. Yes, I still want to earn a living from offering my services and I do this by offering products and workshops for people who want to explore the health of their lifestyles in greater depth. Not everyone wants to find out more, many are satisfied by simply completing the Health Check.

You are under no obligation to purchase anything from me. I even promise not to send you any e-mails unless you ask me to.

How often should I take a checkup?Take the Lifestyle Health Check NOW!

This depends upon what is happening in your life. Generally I suggest if you are actively working to enhance your lifestyle you may like to take a checkup every 3-4 months or 3-4 times per year.

In this way you can begin to see what issues and events in your life impact on the quality of your lifestyle.Alternatively, if a special event has occurred or is about to you might consider taking a Lifestyle Check sooner.

For instance, you might want to know...
• Did my new job really improve my quality of life?
• Is my relationship adding to my satisfaction or detracting from it?
• Do I need to recharge my batteries with a holiday right now?
• Am I ready to start my own business?
• Am I working too hard?

Take your FREE Healthy Lifestyle Check now!

Who will see my results?

Your results are private and confidential. The only two people who will see them are the person calculating your results (that's me) and you. Your results will then be emailed directly to your preferred email address. Then it is up to you who you share your results with.

NB: Due to our increasing demand we are automating the calculation of results and in the near future, you'll be the only person who sees your results.

What sort of results will I get?

Your results are based upon 10 questions in 13 different areas of your life.You will receive an overall score of your lifestyle health as a percentage figure.You will also receive a percentage score for each of the thirteen areas of your life. In each of these areas you also will receive a list of 10 actions that you might take to enhance this area of your life.
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When do I get my results?

At this stage, I am manually assessing your Lifestyle Health Check results. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to complete this task and then forward this to you. We are currently automating the results process to give you an instant response. In the meantime, please be patient and your results will be returned to you within a maximum of 48 hours and hopefully much less than that.

What should I do with my results?

You could do nothing, or at least keep doing what you're doing and you'll probably get the same results you've already got. Otherwise, if you want to shift your results, you'll need to shift your actions too. In your Results you will see which domains of life are going well for you and which may not be going so well. We also suggest some actions you can take to impact your results.

Should I share my results?

What you do with your results is up to you and I encourage you to share your results with your friends, family and colleagues. This will not only give you opportunities to reflect on your results from different points of view, this simple act of talking about your life will improve your relationships.

What are your friends for? Surely, they are your friends because they add something valuable and satisfying to your life. If you are not willing to discuss the quality of your life with them, then what does this say about your friendship?

You can instantly improve your relationships with friends and family through the simple act of sharing your results from the Lifestyle Health Check. They may even be able to offer some suggestions to enhance your life even more!

Take your FREE Healthy Lifestyle Check

Tell a friend about this websiteWhat other issues are covered?

• Do I like to experience different cultural practices?
• Am I earning enough money right now?
• Do I spend too little time in nature?
• Am I good at following the instructions of other people?
• Do I spend too much time thinking about the past?
• Do I stick at things until they are completed?

Why 130 questions?

The Lifestyle Health Check consists of 130 questions corresponding to 13 different areas or domains in your life. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete all the questions. If that sounds like a lot, you’re right.

From another perspective, how long does it take to get a health check from your doctor? Probably about the same time except you don’t have to sit in our waiting room, you can simply log on and complete your Lifestyle Check.

We could offer you a Lifestyle Review with fewer questions but we don’t think this would be worthy of your time. Sometimes taking an extra five minutes on any task makes all the difference.

NB: We are currently working on halving the number of questions Currently the questions are double-crossed meaning that each question is duplicated and written in a different way to confirm or cancel the significance of your response. We're reviewing the results recorded thus far to see the impact of modifying the check. We'll keep you posted on this one.
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What if I can’t spare 15 minutes?

If you are not able to spare 15 minutes to take a Lifestyle Health Check then I suspect your life is not in balance and I'd be listening to this as a serious warning sign.

If you are too busy to stop and assess your health and your lifestyle for just 15 minutes every 3-4 months, a mere hour every year, I would be concerned for your wellbeing. Please accept this as an opportunity to be proactive about your health and your lifestyle before it is too late.

You don’t have to take the test this instant. You can schedule some time in your diary or planner and do it then but before you do this ask yourself... 'Honestly, what is the likelihood that I will do this health check at a a later time?'

Your health and your lifestyle are too important to ignore this opportunity simply because you don’t think you have the time to do it. If you really don’t have the time to take this lifestyle review, then you really NEED to do it and the sooner the better!

Take your FREE Healthy Lifestyle Check now!

Your questions

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please let me know so I can provide you with an answer and all the other people who would like to ask the same question.

Email me personally with your questions:

Tell a friend about this websiteIs it really is FREE?

I don’t know how else to say this. Yes, the Lifestyle Health Check really is FREE. My business colleagues say I should be charging at least $100 and I have decided to offer it FREE anyway. There are no strings attached.

Your information will be not be given, sold or even shown to anyone other than you and the person calculating your results. Your name will be held on file as a record of your result and for no other reason.

We also promise that we will not send you any additional e-mail other than your results unless you ask us to do so.It is in my best interest that you trust me. My reputation, the reputation of my business and my livelihood depends upon it. I know from experience that word travels very fast online and even one unhappy customer can create a bad reputation for a business very quickly. I haven’t put in several years of hard work thus far to short-curcuit my success by not looking after you.
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What are you waiting for?

You could put off this opportunity to later, even much later. However, you could also ask yourself, is this typical of me? Do I often put things off until later? This could be the source of your first breakthrough from the Lifestyle Health Check – act now!

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